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Holistic Business And A Message From The Heart – Following Your Path

I Can Honestly Say That I Am Making LESS Money Now Than I Have Ever Done In My Entire Working Career … But I Have Never Been Happier …. As I Am Now Finally On The Right Life Path

At Times It’s Damn Hard (And Very Stressful) Working Seven Day Weeks And Being Pulled In Many Different Directions …. But What Get’s Me Through Is Knowing I Am Making A Difference, Knowing I Am Part Of A Great Plan To Help Others Help Themselves To Get Well And I Do This Unconditionally !

I Believe That If You Follow Your Dreams And Live From Your Hearts Passion, Whilst Doing Your Best For All Concerned, Then Security And Prosperity Will Follow …. However, Having ENOUGH Is Enough For Me.I May Never Have (Nor Want) Millions But I Am A Very Rich Lady In Ways That Truly Matter …Great Health, Peace Of Mind, Great Family & Friends, Music, Laughter, Happiness And Love. I Have These In Abundance And For These Blessings I Am Eternally Grateful

I Have Throughout My Career Had A Truly Holistic And Unconventional Approach To Business. I Followed My Intuition & My Heart Not My Brain. My Bosses ( & Staff) Didn’t Always Get This . They Thought There Was An Agenda But There Was NO Agenda And It Worked ! Managing People Throughout The Years Has Sometimes Been Very Challenging. You Cant Always Pay The Biggest Salaries, Nor Cater To Every Wim, And Sometimes You Need To Make Tough Decisions But …. What You Can Do Is Treat People DECENTLY, With Kindness, Fairness, And GENUINELY Value Them both UP The Line As Well As DOWN The Line. You Won’t Always Get It Right , I Haven’t, But What I Can Say Is That I Have Always, Without Exception, Done Everything With The Best Of INTENTION For All Concerned

Lynne Franks In Her book “The Seed Handbook” Touched On This
( I remember Giving A Copy Of This Book To My Then Boss When It Came Out LOL ! ) I Feel Intuitively, As Do Many Others, That The Time For Great Change In Our OWN Working Ethos (As Well As Corporate Working Ethos) Is NOW !

Here’s To Many Happy Working People, Many Happy Working Environments, Less Strenuous Work Loads, And A Bit More Time To Ourselves